Butterfly damper valves

Round valves with a housing made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or PVC are available with a single or multiple blades. We offer both wafer-type and flanged-type valves, with the flange type and size depending on customer requirements. Our valves can be developed in sizes up to 3000mm and in various temperature ranges. They are commonly used in applications for cleaning exhaust gases, heat recovery, energy management, and processing both hot and cold air.

Series 22

Wafertype standard valve for temperatures up to 250 degrees Celcius.

Series 25

Wafertype standard valve for temperatures up to 500 degrees Celcius.

Series 28

Wafertype valve. Suitable for heavy duty industrial applications. Available with dimensions from 100NW to 1000NW, other dimensions on request.

Series 31

Flangetype valve. For various applications and temperature ranges