Hoogenboom Valves develops and produces low pressure butterfly valves for industrial purposes. Butterfly valves can be used to regulate the flow of gas with temperatures up to circa 1100 degrees centigrade and pressures up to 50 mBar. Our valves are reliable, require little or no maintenance and have a very long lifecycle.

  • Butterfly damper valves

    Circular shaped dampervalves with housing in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Both single and multi bladed valves are available. Flange type depending on customer needs.

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  • Bypass / Diverter damper valves

    Solutions for diverting gas flow/exhaust gas to i.e. heat exchanger or stack. For various temperature ranges and demanding environments

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  • Blocking air damper valve

    Solution designed for 100% shut off under extreme circumstances.

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  • Special dampers / Louvre valves

    Various sizes and shapes are possible depending on the customer needs. We supply valves with temperatures up to 1100 degrees centrigrade.

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