Hoogenboom 5,0m x 3,0m damper louvre valve and more: welders certified

  • We recently finished and delivered a Hoogenboom damper louvre valve Series 64 louvre valve of 5 meters by 3 meters and design temperature 550°C.  This damper valve was engineered, build and delivered by us within a periode of only 5 1/2 weeks. The project was for the Arcelor factory in Gent-Belgium.

Hoogenboom damper valve 5,0×3,0m


HBM damper valve


You Tube: Hoogenboom Damper Valve


  • We are pleased to announce that all our welders have (again) been certified by DNV for: EN-ISO 9609-1:2013,  valid until 31-01-2019
Hoogenboom Damper Valves | 10 juni, 2020