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Look no further if you require new industrial dampers for you boiler flue. At Hoogenboom Valves, we have over thirty years of experience with designing and producing numerous types of industrial damper valves. In that time, customers from all over the world have enjoyed our high-quality work at competitive prices. Few industrial dampers manufacturers can boast as many satisfied customers as us. Discover what set us apart and take a look at our range of industrial dampers.

Industrial dampers from expert manufacturers

As expert manufacturers, we are well aware of the importance of quality industrial dampers. These damper valves are a vital part of flue gas systems in numerous industrial applications. However, the needs of every system is different. That is why we offer a varied range of industrial dampers. From a flanged butterfly valve to control the flow of gas to a 3-way diverter damper to divert gas flow or exhaust gas to a heat exchanger. With our high-end 3D software, we can even design and manufacture bespoke louvre valves able to withstand temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius.

Personal and clear-cut approach

Unlike many other manufacturers, we never beat around the bush. We pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach which centres around clear communication and prices. We do everything to offer you competitive pricing, without diminishing the quality of our work so that your systems can enjoy optimal performance for many years with our industrial dampers. The fact that many of our first valves are still in operation today, should give prove of our excellent quality. Moreover, we believe it is important to involve you in every step, something few industrial dampers manufacturers do. By listening to your needs and relying on your insights, we are able to design innovative industrial dampers that fit like a glove in your systems.

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