Air dampers

Air dampers are vital to controlling the flow of air or gas in ducts. The proper functioning of many industrial systems, especially flue gas systems, depends on the quality and reliability of these air dampers. With more than thirty years of experience in manufacturing damper valves, we are well aware of this fact. Consequently, we use our expertise to design high-quality air dampers for use in ducts and other applications at competitive prices, yet without compromising on quality.

Air control dampers suitable for use in ducts

Air dampers from our company, which have been installed over thirty years ago, are still in operation today. A testament to the quality and craftsmanship of our products. All our air dampers, which can be installed in ducts, are the product of the latest developments and research in the field to guarantee optimal performance. Moreover, the range is extensive, containing:

Each type of damper, consists of several series with each damper valve having its unique uses and specifications. If you require an unusual size of air dampers for your ducts, or need dampers with non-standard specifications, Hoogenboom Valves if more than happy to help. In close co-operation with you, we can design bespoke air control dampers specifically for your boiler application using high-end 3D software.

What type of dampers do your require?

Do not hesitate to tell us more about what air dampers you require that are suitable for use in your ducts. Contact us with all your queries via the contact form and our experts will inform you about our products and services, such as our worldwide delivery.

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